Henry Wag Lightweight Folding Dog Ramp

The Lightweight Folding Dog Ramp provides easy access to the car for your dog.  Senior dogs and pets with mobility issues still love to be out and about with their family but it can sometimes be a struggle to get them in and out of the car without causing pain or discomfort to the pet or the owner.

This lightweight, folding, durable pet ramp has been designed to overcome this problem and gives dogs the freedom to climb in and out of the car with ease, eliminating the need to jump or be lifted.

It weighs just 5kg making it easily transportable and with a single strong central hinge the dog ramp is easy to open for use. The Ramp has a high resistance non-slip surface to give dogs confidence during use. It also has high sides to stop dogs’ feet missing the ramp when in use.

Supplied boxed with full POS 4 colour label.


  • Provides pets with easy access to vehicles
  • Perfect for older or infirm animals
  • Folds for ease of transport
  • Lightweight – weighs just 4.5kg
  • Non-slip surface, even when wet
  • High sides give pets confidence in use
  • Strong with weight capacity 90kg
  • Folded Size: 79 x 40 x 20cm
  • Open Size: 155 x 40 cm


Customer Reviews

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Patricia Farrant

The dog ramp seems sturdy and not too heavy. Dogs are still practicing,they are large and quite elderly. They do not like the gritty surface so I cover that with a blanket and use a trail of biscuits. One dog is happy to practice, the other has a way to go. The dog ramp seems like a good product though.